Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BOT) provides strategic leadership and direction to our kura. The Board works in partnership with the students and staff, the community, and government to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students.
The Board sets the direction for the school in its charter and policy framework, and monitors progress toward achieving expectations (governance). The principal has delegated responsibility for how the school will achieve the Board’s expectations, working within the law and the Board’s policy framework (management).
All Board meetings are diarised on our Maidstone Calendar. Members of the public are welcome to attend. If a Board Meeting is scheduled during a Covid-19 Lockdown, the trustees will meet online, via zoom. If a member of the public would like to attend this meeting, please email us at the email address below to receive the zoom code.  
For all Board-related enquiries, please email


Our Board members are:
  • Heather Clegg
  • Vaughan Jones
  • Cameron Thayer
  • Christopher McMahon
  • Anka Browne
  • Fati Tagoai
  • Praneel Singh (Staff Rep)
  • Wikus Swanepoel (Principal)
Meeting Dates:
Board Meeting dates 2022 – please contact the school if you are intending to attend a meeting.

Term 1: 21st February, 4th April

Term 2: 23rd May, 27th June

Term 3: 22nd August 26th September

Term 4: 7th November, 5th December

A message from Heather Clegg, BOT Chairperson:

As a parent of four children who have attended and all loved it, here are some of my thoughts on the strengths of Maidstone Intermediate. 
All our kids took part in all sorts of activities, from leadership options (Tuck Shop, Referees, Assembly Compere), to cultural (Kapa Haka), to performing arts (Band, Dance Splash) to sports, and the options programme.
The academic programme is based around the Maidstone curriculum, which has been developed exclusively for Maidstone Intermediate and, is in turn, based on the world-renowned NZ National Curriculum. There are many facets to the programme that recognise individuals’ needs, including extension programmes e.g. Otago Maths, Maidstone Athletic Development Programme, EPro8, Academies etc.
Learning takes place in the recently redeveloped 21st-century learning areas – light and inviting classrooms designed with future technologies in mind. All levels of ability are catered for, with individual programmes developed if required, and all designed to extend each individual’s learning capabilities.
At a syndicate level, all children take part in camps and trips to a number of exciting venues around the region. The friendly rivalry between classes within a syndicate and between syndicates encourages the kids to get involved in lunchtime sports.
The ‘Leadership and Values’ camp at the start of their Year 8 encouraged my kids to take leading roles within the school, and taught them life skills that they took with them when they moved on to College. At College, my children have become captains of their respective sports team/s and are active members of their classes, due to the confidence they gained at Maidstone Intermediate.
Heather Clegg – BOT Chairperson