Learning Support

At Maidstone, we believe that each student has the right to learn and reach their full potential. For those with learning barriers and challenges, we like to work alongside whanau and specialists to find the best solution.

Learning Support Coordinator at Maidstone Intermediate

Learning Support Coordinators (L.S.Cs) are in every school, Intermediate and College in Upper Hutt. They are a part of the Upper Hutt community. 

Their job is to work with whānau, teachers, and available agencies, to help support students with their learning and behavioural needs. 

They can be an advocate for your whānau and your child, and can guide you as you work your way through any available support.

If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s learning or behaviour, please get in touch with our school’s Learning Support Coordinator, Ruzia Ataria,  at learningcoordinator@maidstone.school.nz


Learning Support in the classroom

We are fortunate to have several very experienced Teacher Aides at Maidstone Intermediate, who work alongside our tamariki. Our Teacher Aides have skills and support strategies that ensure students can participate in the classroom programmes at their level. Teachers and Teacher Aides work together to differentiate the programmes so that all students have the opportunity to experience success. 
A qualified and experienced teacher also offers group sessions using the Steps Web program.

The Learning Centre

Our Learning Centre is well equipped to support our tamariki who need a little extra help with their learning, well-being or behaviour.
We have a wet area shower, accessible toilet and a fully equipped kitchen.
The egg chair, TV, couch and butterfly chair all support students needing time out to self-regulate, and we also run small group teaching with our experienced Teacher Aides.