Ākonga who invest in a language during the critical middle school years boost their prospects for success later on in life. At Maidstone Intermediate, we encourage the learning of languages:

  • It increases confidence and sense of personal achievement
  • It lets one travel to new heights
  • It creates more empathetic and thoughtful people

Te Reo

Te Kura Waenga ō Hinepōhatu (Maidstone Intermediate) is one of the few kura in our region that has a Poutoko Māori - a specialist to support the teaching and learning of Te Ao Māori.

Ākonga will experience and learn te reo, tikanga and te ao Māori. This will be explored through a Mana Whenua perspective.


Mandarin and Korean

Maidstone Intermediate will be the only Intermediate in the greater Wellington region to provide opportunities for our ākonga to learn Mandarin and Korean. These are taught by a specialist in their area.