Merits and Awards

Gold Tickets

As part of the PB4L philosophy at Maidstone Intermediate we believe that it is important to notice and acknowledge when students are showing our school values in their daily business. Each week each teacher presents a gold ticket to students who are living the values. They may receive acknowledgement for looking out for another student who is experiencing difficulties. They may go the extra mile to participate in an area that they find challenging. When a Staff member notices these acts they are awarded a ticket. These tickets are collected each week and one is drawn out at Assembly. The lucky recipient will win a prize.


There are a number of pathways for students to earn the cloth merits that are sewn on their sweatshirts. These include each of the specialist learning areas, all sporting codes, diligence and achievement in classroom learning, cultural activities and events where they are representing the school, enrichment programmes, and service to the school. Over their two years at Maidstone, many students take great pride in displaying large numbers of merits indicating their participation and success.
  • Annual Service to the School Awards
We celebrate the many students who contribute on a daily basis to the smooth running of our kura. This reflects our school motto of MOTIVATE, INSPIRE SUCCEED. Some of the many ways we encourage students to get involved and contribute (and at the same time learn valuable life lessons) is to support others, give back to others, and by providing help to the school.
Each year we acknowledge students who provide their time, skills, and energy to being of service to us in a number of ways. We all benefit from their hard work and time. 
Some of these students receive awards and recognition for their service. They are chosen for their commitment, dedication, and skills in a variety of different areas. 
Many of these students arrive early to school each day and set up equipment in rooms. Others are called on at various times during the year to organise activities, operate equipment around the school, and help with the many programmes Maidstone Intermediate offers. Others commit every week to practices and tasks around the school – and in all cases, the work these students do is very important to us all.
  • Annual School Prize-giving
We formally acknowledge those of our students who have achieved excellence at the annual Prize-giving. Many students begin the year with a goal in mind to be a recipient of a certificate or cup at this event. The list of certificates, cups, awards and trophies is a long one! All students attend, and whanau, friends, and community members are welcome. Students from Kapa Haka, Choir, and Bands perform at this event. 
The Board of Trustees Chairperson, the SRC Leaders, and the Principal all pay tribute to the students and the successes of the year.
Students receive acknowledgement and awards for:
– Academic success and diligence,
– Leadership,
– Effort, Contribution and Achievement in Sports,
– Technology and Arts,
– and Qualities of Character 
This celebration is a highlight of the year for many!