General Information

School Fees

Maidstone Intermediate takes advantage of the Government Donations Scheme.

In 2024 there will be the following costs:

$25.00 charge for the take-home component from the Materials Technology Programme. It is requested that the full $25.00 payment be made at the beginning of the kura year.

Costs for cultural and sports events are separate and charged only to those involved. No other costs will be requested throughout the year.

The kura bank account number is 12-3142-0319918-00. Please use your ākonga surname and first initial as a reference.

Payment can also be made at the Office by EFTPOS or Credit Card. If giving cash to your tamaiti to make payment, a ‘drop box’ is located in the Office foyer. Place the money in one of the envelopes provided, fill out the requested information, and place the envelope in the dropbox. A receipt will be issued for all cash payments.



Being part of the donation scheme means that we cannot ask people for donations. However, at Maidstone Intermediate we have a culture of whanaungatanga showing that we care. This is being done as sponsorships. We have a large number of whānau in difficult financial circumstances.

The sponsorship scheme works as follows:

Each time we have extra opportunities for ākonga for which we can charge money, we also ask if there is a parent who wants to:

  • Sponsor another tamaiti
  • Sponsor some money towards another tamaiti

Please contact our Finance Manager Catherine Mason ( so that a receipt for the extra sponsorship is provided for your tax return. Donations are tax-deductible. Use this link to find more information about this.

Families receiving a sponsorship are not advised of the sponsor's details, just that a sponsorship has been received for their tamaiti.


At Maidstone we acknowledge that some whānau can experience financial hardship. Our first priority as a whānau is to support. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please see your tamaiti teacher, the office staff or the Principal, as we have a limited ability to waive or lessen some costs.

The Maidstone way is that no ākonga should be prevented from learning experiences because of finances. As a community we are there to assist where we can. The only problem is for whānau to inform us when they need help.