General Information

Our Uniform

Our kura uniform is our pride and the expectation is that we will all take pride in wearing the uniform and then automatically becoming an ambassador for Maidstone Intermediate.

All classes have regular PE and fitness sessions each week. Ākonga are expected to change into PE uniform for these sessions, as well as when attending any sports practices.

For ākonga involved in practices before or after school, the PE uniform may be worn when travelling to or from kura. At all other times, ākonga must travel to and from our kura in full kura uniform.

Second Hand Uniforms
A second-hand uniform sale is held at our kura in January each year. Second hand uniforms can be purchased at other times from Maidstone Intermediate - contact the Office for further information. All funds raised from the sale of second-hand uniforms go towards extra resources for the kura.


Uniform Expectations

  • Formal Uniform is to be worn to and from kura, and for formal kura events
  • PE Uniform is to be worn for PE and all kura sports
  • Sun hats to be worn outside at kura during Terms 1 & 4
  • Footwear must be enclosed black sports shoes along with ankle socks
  • Make up is not to be worn
  • Fingernails must be kept short and polish only
  • Jewellery only cultural or religious items to be worn, earrings to be studs only.

Our policy allows ākonga to wear items of cultural or religious significance with, or instead of uniform items (e.g. hijab, tā moko, pounamu, or faitaga).

Uniform Items

Maidstone Polo Shirt Unisex in Black or White 
Maidstone Shorts Unisex in Black
Maidstone Sweatshirt Unisex in Grey

Maidstone PE T-Shirt Unisex in Black/White 
Maidstone PE Shorts Unisex in Black

Maidstone Bucket Hat in Black
Plain Ankle socks in Black or White
School Shoes - Plain black, boot and high top shoes are not permitted, no coloured markings, brands, laces or soles

Maidstone Track Jacket Unisex in Black/White
Maidstone Track Pants Unisex in Black/White
Maidstone Beanie Unisex in Black

Where To Purchase New Uniform

New uniform items are available to be purchased from NZ Uniforms in Lower Hutt.
Shop at NZ Uniforms